Videoclip ’Opposite Thumb’
for Superdark

March 2024

Videoclip Production, Direction and Editing


Superdark - "Opposite Thumb" starring Sascha "Snake" Salomon
Directed and edited by Alexander Witzig | Script by Darius Talaat | Production by Josip Tijan, Alexander Witzig | Camera by Alexander Witzig | On Set Photographers: Adrian Oberneder, Thibault White | Runner: Otis Horiuchi | Title design: Alexander Witzig | With help from: Sina Lou Ravasio & Sam Azaiez | Thanks to: Alec Wohlgroth (Halsundbeinbruch Film), Michael Bürgin & Sven Oeschger (fastr), Chrigi & Rosi (, Nives & Lele
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